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Voodoo Lady Tattoo

Sponsored by
Shannon Lea Egan

Shannon Lea Egan

sponsor link:


250$ via Paypal

250$ via Paypal


Contest description and guidelines:

Voodoo Lady Contest on Photoshopnation.com sponsored by Shannon Lea Egan, later described as “the sponsor”

The contest goal is to produce a tattoo design for the sponsor, the theme of the final image must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • It has to depict a female character, specifically a voodoo witch/lady with a Mexican “day of the dead” look to her, in detail, the mouth element of the day of the dead skull face paint must be included (the skull's teeth drawn on the lips and the extended lip line on the cheeks), other elements are optional (eye sockets, nose socket, floral decorations)
  • Other elements of the voodoo mythology can be included
  • Sugar skulls may be included
  • The style of the tattoo has to fall into the “New school” category
  • It has to include tentacles in the design, not necessarily coming out of the figure, it's your choice how to incorporate this element. It is an homage to Ween's The Mollusk album, and specifically the song “Mutilated Lips”. “Voodoo Lady” by Ween is also an inspiration.
  • There are no preferences of pose or composition, as long as it is flattering
  • The depicted lady should have a sexy/pretty look but with a dark undertone
  • Take the phrase "lady in the streets but a freak in the bed" as a reference when creating your art
  • Some nudity & horror is allowed, but be tasteful
  • Any art technique is allowed, but keep in mind that should have a more illustrative look, rather than a photographic look. The image should also not look like a cartoon.
  • Feel free to use your creativity and knowledge to create a stunning, unique image
  • Size of the tattoo in real life has to be between 6 and 9 inches wide/tall
  • Failing to follow these guidelines might result in your entry(s) being disqualified.

Rules, specifications and copyright:

  • You must be at least 16 years old in order to enter the contest
  • To participate, you must be a registered member of photoshopnation.com
  • A Paypal® account is necessary to receive the cash prize
  • You must be the creator of the art and image file you submit to the contest. Your artwork must be your own original concept and not a copy of anyone else's copyrighted material. (If your image infringes upon another's copyright it will be disqualified.) Upon submitting your work to this competition, you are solely responsible for any infringement on copyrighted materials you have used to produce the final image.
  • Image formats suitable for upload are jpeg, gif and png. Maximum file size is 1.5 MB
  • The winner(s) of the contest grants an exclusive perpetual licence to the the sponsor to use the image for personal use
  • The authors of the winning images will provide an original copy of the artwork,  whether it is a .psd , .ai, or any other file format you created the image into. In the case of a physical artwork the winner must be able to ship the physical copy of the artwork to the sponsor (resident of U.S.A.).
  • Artwork can be signed or watermarked but not in a way that obstructs the artwork.
  • The signature or watermark must not be incorporated in the artwork.
  • No animated gifs
  • You must not share your entry on any media outlet until the contest is over
  • Do not apply any watermark, logo, signature or anything else that would give away your identity to the image(s). Your watermark can be added when the contest is over if you wish. This is for the purpose of anoniminity during the contest.
  • All rules described in the FAQ section apply to this contest if not instructed otherwise in this guidelines description.
  • Failing to follow these rules might result in your entry(s) being disqualified.

Entering, Winning and Prize assignment

  • The sponsor will personally pick the first three placed images among all the ones entered regardless of the final standing in the contest, these might or might not coincide with the final standing.
  • Contest rules and mechanics are the same as any other anonymous contest on the website (Bounty, Treasure contests), please refer to the FAQ section for more info on this
  • You can enter up to two images, different from one another
  • Photocoins bounty will be assigned as usual, it will be split between the first three placed entries, regardless of which image the sponsor picks as a winner
  • The cash prize will be forwarded to the winning authors by Photoshopnation.com via Paypal only
  • A full description of the prize(s) is available in the sponsored contest guidelines page
  • This contest requires 1 token to be spent in order to participate. The fee is displayed in the sponsored contest guidelines page, on the upload page, on the contests' calendar page and on the contest page itself. Entry fee(s) are not refundable.

By entering this contest you acknowledge and agree with all of the above.

The sponsor will answer general design questions submitted within 48 hours of the contest start and which are approved by Photoshopnation.com. All approved and answered questions will be posted in the forum on photoshopnation.com.
Forum link: http://www.photoshopnation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=25

Here are some reference images to help you gaIn some inspiration and achieve the wanted look. Do not use any of these images in any way in your entry, image copyrights are owned by the respective authors:

Start: 14th Sep, 2017 - 15:00 PM
End: 5th Oct, 2017 - 15:00 PM
Entries: 10Entrants: 8

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