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Prontoappfacile Logo Design

Sponsored by


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€150 via Paypal

€150 via Paypal


Contest description and guidelines:

Logo design contest on Photoshopnation.com sponsored by Prontoappfacile.it, later described as “the sponsor”

The goal of the contest is to design a logo for Prontoappfacile.it, an online automated app creation platform. The word Pronto means ready or quick, App means application (usually for smartphones) and Facile means easy, all translated from Italian.

The submitted designs must adhere to the following guidelines:

In terms of visual communication, the logo must convey one or more of these concepts:

  • Design
  • Creativity
  • App development for smart phones
  • The creation of something
  • Simplicity (ease of use)
  • Failing to convey at least one of the above concepts might result in your entry(s) being disqualified.

The logo must include the name of the sponsor, Pronto App Facile, with the following features:

  • The font(s) must be your original creation or in alternative one or more fonts that can be used for commercial purposes. A logo with an original font(s) will have an advantage over others who utilize existing fonts
  • You can arrange the three words, Pronto App Facile, however you see fit, be it with no spaces (PRONTOAPPFACILE), or with spaces (PRONTO APP FACILE) and so on, it can be on multiple lines, depending on your design sense and composition of the logo. The words must not be translated but left in Italian
  • All the three words must be included
  • A pay off that reads: “Crea la tua app con semplicità” (Yes, must be in Italian as shown here)
  • The position of the text in respect to the logo is left for you to decide, it could be around it, below, on the side, etc.
  • The proportions of the logo and text altogether must be between the ratios of 3:1 and 5:2, hence it must develop in width more than in height
  • Failing to follow these guidelines might result in your entry(s) being disqualified.

The logo must be created in vector format (.ai or .svg) or in alternative as a png file with dimensions of at least 2500 pixels of width by 1000 pixels of height at a minumim of 300 dpi.

Any other design features are left to your creativity and imagination.

Rules, specifications and copyright:

  • You must be at least 16 years old in order to enter the contest
  • To particpate, you must be a registered member of photoshopnation.com
  • A Paypal® account is necessary to receive the cash prize
  • You must be the creator of the design and image file you submit to the contest. Your design must be your own original concept and not a copy of anyone else's copyrighted material. (If your image infringes upon another's copyright it will be disqualified.) Upon submitting your work to this competition, you are solely responsible for any infringement on copyrighted materials you have used to produce the final image.
  • Image formats suitable for upload are jpeg, gif and png. Maximum file size is 1.5 MB
  • The winner of the contest grants a perpetual licence for commercial purposes to the sponsor to use the logo as they see fit
  • The author of the winning design will provide the sponsor with the original file(s), unwatermarked, whether it is a .psd , .ai, or any other file format you created the design into.
  • No animated gifs
  • All rules described in the FAQ section apply to this contest if not instructed otherwise in this guidelines description.
  • Your entry must adhere to our Terms and Conditions
  • Failing to follow these rules might result in your entry(s) being disqualified.

Entering, Winning and Prize assignment

  • The sponsor will personally pick the winning design among all the ones entered regardless of the final standing in the contest, these might or might not coincide with the final standing.
  • Contest rules and mechanics are the same as any other anonymous contest on the website (Bounty, Treasure and Anonymous contests), please refer to the FAQ section for more info on this
  • You can enter up to two designs, different from one another
  • Photocoins bounty will be assigned as usual, it will be split between the first three placed entries, regardless of which image the sponsor picks as a winner
  • The cash prize will be forwarded to the winning authors by Photoshopnation.com via Paypal only
  • A full descrption of the prize is available in the sponsored contest guidelines page
  • This contest requires a fee to be paid (1 token) in order to participate. The fee is displayed in the sponsored contest guidelines page, on the upload page, on the contests' calendar page and on the contest page itself. Entry fee(s) are not refundable.

By entering this contest you acknowledge and agree with all of the above .

The sponsor will answer general design questions submitted within 48 hours of the contest start and which are approved by Photoshopnation.com. All approved and answered questions will be posted in the forum on photoshopnation.com.
Forum link: http://www.photoshopnation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=34


Il concorso consiste nella realizzazione di un logo completo per la piattaforma automatizzata per la realizzazione di app Prontoappfacile.it

Il logo dovrà contenere:

1.Un simbolo o una rappresentazione grafica originale disegnata o elaborata personalmente dal partecipante del contest.
Il simbolo o la rappresentazione grafica dovrà essere concettuale e rappresentare una o più idee tra le seguenti:
-sviluppo app per smartphone
- creazione
- semplicità.

2. Una testo con il nome della piattaforma (Pronto App Facile) con le seguenti caratteristiche:
- il font deve essere originale oppure in free download con specifico riferimento sulla possibilità di utilizzo ai fini commerciali offerta dal creatore del font. (Un logo con un font originale sarà un vantaggio ai fini della scelta del vincitore).

- Le tre parole che compongono il nome della piattaforma (pronto app facile) potrà essere intero (PRONTOAPPFACILE) staccato (PRONTO APP FACILE) oppure in parte intero ed in parte staccato, a seconda delle esigenze creative. Idealmente (ma non necessariamente) in maiuscolo.

3. Un testo che riporta lo slogan “crea la tua app con semplicità” con le seguenti caratteristiche:

- il font deve essere originale oppure in free download con specifico riferimento della possibilità di utilizzo ai fini commerciali offerta dal creatore del font. (Un logo con un font originale sarà un vantaggio ai fini della scelta del vincitore).

- il testo puo’ essere disposto sopra, sotto, intorno, e in qualsiasi altra posizione rispetto al logo, a seconda delle esigenze creative.

4. Il rapporto delle misure del logo potrà oscillare da 3:1 a 5:2 orizzontale.

Il logo dovrà essere vettoriale oppure un png non inferiore a 2500 x 1000 px

Il resto è tutto lasciato alla vostra creatività.

Chi si aggiudicherà il premio dovrà rilasciare una liberatoria per i diritti di utilizzo ai fini commerciali e personali per l’utilizzo illimitato in verisone originale o in qualsiasi versione manipolata da terzi a ProntoAppFacile.it.

Per le regole e le modalità di vincita leggere la parte in inglese.

Start: 23rd Nov, 2017 - 15:00 PM
End: 30th Nov, 2017 - 15:00 PM
Entries: 14Entrants: 13

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